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The existing studies inform you zero tall dating ranging from Conscientiousness and you may narcissism (Miller mais aussi al

The existing studies inform you zero tall dating ranging from Conscientiousness and you may narcissism (Miller mais aussi al


There were 437 (270 girls) professionals, have been employed through publicly available social networking websites. The indicate decades was 23 age (SD = 5.96). Users have been questioned accomplish a set of forms a number of that aren’t associated with the latest research. All the victims provided the told concur toward launch of their sample ratings getting search objectives, and all sorts of was indeed offered views to the general results of the research. The new dataset analysed within the current investigation can be acquired at


Vulnerable narcissism is mentioned into the Hypersensitive Narcissism Measure from the Hendin and you can Cheek (1997) throughout the Polish interpretation (discover Czarna mais aussi al. 2014). It contains ten activities with good Likert-for example response scale from just one (highly differ) so you’re able to 5 (strongly consent).

Grandiose narcissism is actually examined towards the validated Polish version (Bazinska and you may Drat-Ruszczak 2000) of your own Narcissistic Identification Inventory (Raskin and you will Hall 1979). The items was picked basing on the grounds studies (loadings exceeding .40) and you may depicted next subscales of your NPI: Authority (11 items), Self-Sufficiency (7), Vanity (5), and you will Exhibitionism (11). Respondents rated its degree of approval of every report having fun with an excellent Likert-method of impulse structure, from a single (will not apply at me) so you can 5 (relates to me). The sum of things produces a directory regarding grandiose narcissism. It has been revealed has just that Likert format NPI exhibits comparable construct validity and you will slightly improved reliability on fresh pushed-alternatives structure (Miller ainsi que al. 2018a).

The top Four was analyzed with Shine version (Strus et al. 2014) of your own Global Identification Product Pool – Huge Five Factor Size (BFAS; DeYoung ainsi que al. 2007). This really is an one hundred-goods way of measuring characteristic domain names (Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Neuroticism, and you will Transparency/Intellect) while the a few down-acquisition aspects of for each and every website name (Volatility, Detachment, Compassion, Complimentary, Industriousness, Orderliness, Enthusiasm, Assertiveness, Intelligence, and you may Visibility). Professionals try requested so you’re able to price how much the comments is actually relevant on it into the a great Likert-style of measure, from one (highly disagree) in order to 5 (firmly agree).


Basic, i examined the correlations ranging from a couple alternatives away from narcissism and you will identity traits together with domain names and you can issue (Table step 1). Each other sort of narcissism correlated that have personality traits in shagle prices an identical means to fix earlier in the day lookup (age.g. Miller mais aussi al. 2011). Especially, insecure narcissism are surely synchronised with Neuroticism, and you will adversely associated with the Agreeableness and you may Extraversion. Grandiose narcissism synchronised definitely which have Extraversion, Openness/Intelligence and you will Conscientiousness, and adversely that have Neuroticism and you can Agreeableness.

Subsequently, we compared the associations between each type of narcissism and aspects of personality within each domain. Therefore, we tested for the difference between two dependent correlations (Steiger 1980). Figure 1 illustrates graphically the patterns of correlations. We found that vulnerable narcissism was significantly and positively correlated with both aspects of Neuroticism and that correlations did not differ from one another (z =,215, p = 0.820), which supported H1. In addition, consistent with H2, grandiose narcissism was significantly and negatively correlated with Withdrawal, and this correlation was stronger than with Volatility (z = 5.85, p < 0.001). Grandiose narcissism correlated positively with both aspects of Extraversion; however, the association was stronger for Assertiveness (z = , p < 0.001), which supported H3. Vulnerable narcissism was equally negatively related to both Assertiveness and Enthusiasm (z = ?1.90; p = 0.060; H4). The results also supported H5; grandiose narcissism was negatively correlated with both aspects of Agreeableness. However, the correlation with Politeness was significantly stronger (z = 6.26; p < 0.001). The correlation of vulnerable narcissism with both aspects of Agreeableness was negative and the magnitudes of these correlations were similar (z = .261; p = 0.79). Thus, H6 was only partially supported, because we expected a higher association with Compassion. Finally, H7 was also supported: grandiose narcissism correlated positively with Intellect and this association was stronger than with Openness (z = 7.40; p < 0.001).

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