In today’s digital age it’s easy to leave photos stored away on a computer never to be seen again. At Creative Photo Lab we want to make sure your photos see their full potential, using them to create the perfect keepsake or gift whether it’s a photo-book, photo calender, personalized greeting cards, Canvas, or even just a simple photo print or poster.

Printing Services

Great Service and Best Quality Photo Prints, Photobooks, T-shirts, Mugs, Canvas Prints and Passport Photos.

Framing & Mounting

We have a special team that is dedicated to Mounting and Framing who specialize in Canvas Stretching.

Passport & Visa Photos

The Preferred Provider of Passport and Visa Photos for Applicants visiting the American Consulate in Cape Town.


Why choose Creative Photo Lab?

We provide quality work, exceptional service and no-nonsense value. We innovate and are continuously striving to bring great new products and value to our clients. We use the finest equipment available. We’re here for you! Our friendly, knowledgeable and dedicated staff are experts in photography. We are available by phone, whatsapp and email. Our dedication to being on the leading edge is reflected by our commitment to digital technologies.


Let us show you how your products come to life

Choose the product you want to print on from our varied list of products.

Customize it with our free and easy to use Design and Print App.

Use a design of your choice or choose from any of our samlples.

Add to Cart then will Print it for you.

Customer Reviews


''I recommend this business 100%. I have had a bunch of photos developed in the last week, and the quality of their photos are superb. Very friendly and helpful service too.'' ~Google Review

Retha B.

South Africa


“Such an organised and accessible photo lab in a convenient centre off of the Pharmacy, lovely friendly, efficient and helpful staff.'' ~Google Review

Brittany K.

South Africa


“Totally professional and friendly and for biometric photos for various passports they seem to have all the proper measurements etc.'' ~Google Review

Chris W.

South Africa