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Our most recent design, Veronica, is actually an excellent twenty two year-old COED that is in a position into the biggest haircut- Bare Effortless!

Our most recent design, Veronica, is actually an excellent twenty two year-old COED that is in a position into the biggest haircut- Bare Effortless!

Whenever you go to medical college otherwise medical college or university, you are not agreeing so you can perish in the habit of your own field

Join united states today to your sub having Bree’s This new Haircut. Bree are significant once the a statue, and you can able to possess another type of haircut. She doesn’t want going “The whole way” so you’re able to shaved easy, however, wishes the fresh new corners and right back BUZZED and also the better slashed to chin size.
Bree is enthusiastic throughout the haircut, and loves the result!! Join us on the sub for all the excitement of Bree’s New Haircut!!

When you attend medical school or nursing university, you are not agreeing to perish regarding practice of the career

Before we turn to our “usual shtikk” of haircuts and headshaving, we really want to say THANK YOU to the brave doctors, nurses, and medical personnel, fighting, and often losing their lives, in the fight against the Corona virus.

But, day-after-day many doctors and you can nurses come in harm’s way to fight a life-threatening fight the newest Corona virus- of many have forfeit their resides in the fight.

We believe of a lot of several doctors and you may nurses are certain to get an effective “Scientific MEDAL Away from Prize” for valor apart from the call off responsibility. Bravo these types of intrepid heroes whoever bravery when confronted with the challenger Corpus Christi escort service will be honored to own generations to come- may God-bless him or her and maintain him or her safe from damage.

HOOTERS Girl In a position To own A great HAIRCUT- She is been wanting to shave their head for days, lastly decided to take the plunge!! She joined united states in our business and you may ran regarding Long and Pleasant to Bald And delightful!!
Assistance all of our efforts and enjoy the movies On Request twenty-four/7/365. The price was $ 30 days (cheap). It is also lower after you purchase a single year membership- $twenty five monthly.

Erika isn’t the just Hooters Girl among our very own models- Cierra to the Digital video disc 305 hairless the lady beautiful blond hair off, and you can is “Skip Hairless HOOTERS Woman” up until Erika came along.

Can you imagine having a ringside seat to watch Erika having her long hair shorn and shaved?

Support our efforts and enjoy our videos ON DEMAND 24/7/365. The cost is $ per month (cheap). It’s even cheaper when you buy a one year subscription- $25 per month.

When you go to scientific school otherwise medical school, you aren’t agreeing to help you pass away in the habit of the profession

LEFT- Helen admits she would have shaved her head for free!! She’s been wanting to do it for several months, and jumped at the chance to shave her head and earn hundreds of dollars in modeling fees, which she plans to use to help pay for her upcoming trip to Thailand, becoming a GLOBETROTTING BALD BEAUTY!!

Helen meets united states inside il- 5,000 miles out of the girl home when you look at the Germany- on her headshave- ready to discovered kindred spirits inside the Curly and you can Sugar Pie- eager during their haircut, and you may Loving Her The latest HAIRCUT (So Do we). Helen’s Headshave Video was Have to Get a hold of Television for the a sub website full of Need Pick Video!!

Do Your wife Otherwise Partner You would like An excellent HAIRCUT? Our company is trying a lady model- ready to reduce their tresses regarding a lot of time to help you hairless simple for $$$. Must be photogenic, peak and you will weight compared, higher laugh, great skin, woman across the street beauty, smart, fearless, fun, generally Super!! Delight current email address including a few pictures- Join United states Because A design- Become A bald Charm!!

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